About us

We have been in the industry long enough to be able to start  supplying the lash artists with the best products in the industry as well as having constant amount of clients that come to try our  lash services and end up coming back again, and the number are  only going higher.

Word of founder: “I have been in the industry for 8 years and I have watched it evolve and crafted along the day the tools to  make it accessible and easier for everyone no matter their level. 

That is when I also started the Abby Academy to teach future lash artists and ended up certifying a decent amount of students that  are now professional lash artists.

Now that we have our services  and products pretty much all over Quebec, our goal is to make it  all over Canada and then make it accessible worldwide.

We provide the industry with top quality products that are  efficient and last longer. We were able to get all our products  certified to ensure a safety use for all of our students and  recurrent clients.  Our journey is just getting started to make lash industry  accessible to everyone worldwide !