Abby Academy


Looking to become a lash artist and join the industry?

We made it accessible to everyone now with Abby&Co Academy. We walk you
through the whole process to become a professional lash artist with the latest
skills required in the market. Our way of teaching is efficient and proven to be
helpful to so many students who got our certificates and started their own Lash
Artist business. We help you understand how the lash industry work and how you
can start you business from scratch.

All levels are accepted !

Either you are already a lash artist that is looking to master better skills and work
with the best products in the market with Abby&Co or you are a complete
beginner wanting to learn how to become a professional, we got you covered at
Abby&Co Academy !

What is included in our training ?

- Starter for at least 40 clients
- 3 in 1 classic
- Hybrid and all types of volume training techniques
- 1 on 1 private mentorship
- 20% discount on our Abby&Co products
- Certification of a pro Lash Artist

We will be reviewing the theory and practice to master all the techniques. We will
also walk you trough the marketing process so you can start with your journey to
success as a pro lash artist !

Pricing ?

We teach valuable skills and techniques that will help you open your own lash
business and be independent financially in a reasonable amount of time. We trust
our products quality as well as our training.

Join us now for a one time fee of 1350$ only and start building your way through
the lash industry !
Send us an email or give us a call to book your spot now ! (Spots are limited each
month !)